Colin combines his real world gigging experience as well wisdom and analytical techniques he learned while pursuing a Commercial Music degree at Belmont University to teach guitar and music theory lessons. While he specializes in rock, jazz, and country, there’s no musical wormhole that he’ll shy away from and he’s happy to provide instruction that is tailored to the needs of each student. Lessons cover anything from technique, learning songs, music theory, ear training, gig/performance skills and consultation, transcription skills, and improvisational approaches. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic he is offering lessons via Facetime and Skype.

Email colin.poulton@gmail.com for questions about rates and availability.


“Not only is Colin a well-rounded musician, but also a phenomenal teacher. Working with him in lessons is a true testament to his musicianship as well as his breadth of musical knowledge. He caters not only to what you need to know and practice, but also what you want to learn. This creates a nurturing environment that allows you to learn at your own pace, while simultaneously encouraging you to reach your full potential as a musician. He is kind, smart, supportive, and perceptive, and it is a treasure and inspiration to have him teach me.” – Mary Hull, Guitar and Ear Training student

“Great with structure and pacing. Clear and concise feedback. Also great with simplifying the very complex. I’m a new guitar player after studying with Colin” – Charles Ray, Guitar Student

“Colin graciously took the time to talk to my Rock Band students, answer questions they had, and was able to give them real world advice about working as a musician. My students are largely from families of limited means, and to hear about what it takes to make it as a professional was a very big deal to them. Incidentally, much of what he had to say also aligned with my own teaching philosophies, reinforcing the importance of work ethic & the importance of understanding basic musical concepts. He detailed a realistic as well as hopeful path to working as a musician, and my kids loved hearing from him. I hope we can virtually “bring him in” next year, as well!” – Emily Langerholc, K-12 Music Teacher

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