*blows dust off of keyboard*

It’s been a while, but it’s good to sit down again at this for a minute. If you’re reading this, you’re worthy of an update on recent goings on.

Right now, I’m balancing the heat of summer and the peak of the season for musicians that work on Lower Broadway with fatherhood and my own musical pursuits without burning out and so far, so good. For more on what life is like for working musicians that twang away down on at the honky tonks, check out this piece I wrote for the folks at Behind the Setlist about my first time doing three gigs in one day. I still play with a lot of the musicians from those gigs and I still pull the occasional triple!

Right now, the best way to keep up with me is following me on Instagram. I’ve affectively abandoned all other social media platforms for people really wanting to keep track of what I’m up to, so find me over at @colinpoulton. My feed is also on the display on this page over to the right, so it serves as a good place to find recent pictures and video, as well as peeks into my world. I have some projects in the works that I’m excited about and you’ll be sure to hear more about them and the processes there. Stay cool and be good to each other out there. Cheers – C








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