Hey all! I’m back in the swing of things Post-NAMM. Big thanks to Behind the Setlist and my editors Kevin Carr and Jessica Dawson for their input, assistance, and for generally making me look like a better writer than I am. NAMM was an absolute blast and I made several great connections and met people who I hope you all get to meet soon, even its it’s only via the interwebz. Please go to for my two day coverage of NAMM and follow me on Instagram to see some of the cool stuff that I encountered. I gotta do a huge shoutout to my friend Alex from Avedissian Pickups and Anthony from Black 35, those are names you’ll both hear more about very soon via BTS. Alex was my partner in crime and lunch during NAMM and Anthony is a positive dude making some serious waves in the guitar building game.

I keep promising actual content here so stay tuned for all of that. Thanks to everyone for the support and love during my NAMM coverage! Talk soon.



I keep promising more actual content on here and maybe one of these days I’ll make good on that.

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