Hello folks. I’m a few weeks into 2020. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, 2019 was quite a ride! Some noteworthy highlights include: several great Rare Hare shows including one where I played a tune with David Ellefson of my childhood heroes Megadeth, some excellent gigs with Matt Daughtry and Friends including the East Nashville Crawfish Bash and the Roots of a Rebellion record release at Exit/In, new gigs with a handful of wedding bands in town, recording a damn fine record with Skylar Gregg and a monster band, and a extremely challenging but rewarding gig with Kris Myers and a star studded cast where my brother Andy Leab and I were deep in the shed. In addition, there were tons of gigs that were under the radar that I’m equally thankful for. 2019 slapped and I’m heading into 2020 ready for the next step in many facets in my life.

As for here, there are a few new videos in the “Videos” page and you can also now find me over on YouTube! I’ll be uploading some of the same content that’s been on Instagram TV over to there as well.



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