Quarantine update

Hello all. It’s been a little bit since I last updated this page. Gigs have come to a standstill and we seem at the precipice of the precipice of something. It’s a scary and exciting time to live and I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed having my habits shaken up and that I’ve been forced to rethink my existence as a musician but also as a civilian.

To that end, I’d like to announce that I released my first ever solo tune the other day on a benefit compilation put out by my friends in a band called Sad Baxter. I enlisted my friend Cavanaugh Mims to play on it and he knocked it out of the park. Check out Revolution Blues over on Bandcamp. Maybe I’ll write some more and play a solo show when those are allowed to happen again.

A few other recordings that I played on have also come out. I’m on a new Matt Daughtry and Friends tune called “Lonely”. This one came out great and had a killer crew of folks working remotely on it. There’s good times on the horizon for this crew.

For fans of the less than reverent things in life, I played on a few tunes on the new Funkonauts EP Sick. Make sure to play it really loudly around your parents.

In addition, my friend Skylar Gregg has released some singles from her new album Roses (Check out this dope interview with Skylar) and I played some guitar on the tune “Long Way Back”. I’m really excited for the world to hear the rest of the record.


I’m not going to lie, quarantine and witnessing the endless stream of police violence has been fucked up to deal with. The momentum from doing some recordings has helped orient me some and I think that’s the move asI try to figure out how to get through this next little bit. Solidarity to everyone fighting oppressors everywhere. Love yall.


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